My initial reaction to this spread was “Well, Fuck”. But on further reading it is actually pretty positive.

I’m carrying some pretty heavy burdens and I’m not looking up to see beyond my own personal issues. My thought imagine the worst and wander into some nightmarish areas but I need to look to the future which is looking pretty darn great. If I can put everything into perspective mentally I can see that literally “my cup runneth over”. I never really run out of energy because it is always self-renewing.

Action Items

This week I will get a schedule into place – spend less time in my head and more time doing things. I have a bunch of projects I could get out of the way in just a few hours a way. Specifically:

  • I have a pile of old jeans that I need to cut up for a quilt. Let’s get that done!
  • I haven’t been able to paint since this began. Let’s spend 30 minutes minimum doing anything paint related
  • I have a bookshelf I need to declutter. It will only take an hour at the most
  • I just got a Pampered Chef delivery from the party I hosted. I need to find space in the kitchen for everything. One hour max.
  • I need to clean house. 2 hours max.
  • After cleaning I like to smudge and renew my crystals 1 hour-ish
  • Let’s get Quickbooks into order for the month