Interesting post on a Facebook page I follow about people who cause electronics to go haywire. I myself can’t wear a battery-operated watch for more than a week or so before it dies. One person report that she can’t touch metal lamps because the lightbulb will burn out (no report on it those are fluorescent bulbs). Another talked about her television going haywire when she and her boyfriend argue.

I found this article interesting, though it doesn’t quote any direct sources. For that matter, neither do I.

The most interesting phenomena is one where people swear that streetlights will dim or go out when they are nearby. This seems unlikely to me – if you were emitting that much energy you couldn’t function in today’s world at all. How could you use a computer? But this is how the effect got its name Sliders – Street Light Interferance (SLIder – get it?).

Strangely enough, the watch problem has been known for many years. This article quotes a person who says “My mom is the WWII generation, and the jeweler told her to tape a copper penny behind the watch. Jewelers who worked on watches were very familiar with the phenomenon then.”

The first quartz watch was released in 1969, so I fail to see how an electromagnetic phenomenon would affect a non-crystal, plain mechanical watch circa WWII.

We know that electromagnetic fields affect humans; does it work in reverse? Can humans, knowingly or not, affect electromagnetic fields? I find the anecdotal evidence compelling, though I have yet to see real research done on it. If there is any out there, please point me in the direction.