This is a strange time. Many of us are isolating and noticing the energy of our surroundings. There is a lot going on in our heads and that energy is spreading to our environment. Some of that energy, maybe much of it, isn’t very nice.

Think of it like taking a bath after spending days camping in the wilderness. The water is going to get filthy quickly and you’re going to want to empty and clean the tub so you can get really clean.

Your home also gets dirty with all sorts of negative emotions and thoughts. I hadn’t really thought about this until last week when I was listing to the Mystical Moon Society podcast (season 2, episode 8). I did a quick physical cleanup of my home, vacuuming and dusting, and then smudged with white sage in every corner of every room and closet.

It felt better, lighter, friendlier after the smudging. Now, whether that was the placebo effect or an actual spiritual cleansing, I couldn’t tell you. And frankly, it doesn’t matter. People need rituals. Rituals speak to our subconscious. My subconscious feels that my house feels lighter after smudging, so it fulfilled its purpose.

I’m also recharging and switching out the crystals I have in every room. I have raw tourmaline and pink quartz in most rooms, plus raw amethyst, tourmaline, and pink quartz in my bedroom. I use a selenite plate to clear/cleanse my amethyst and rose quartz and have some extra so I can switch around while some are clearing.

At the very least, it makes me feel better, which makes it effective in my book!