A general “what do I need to know with this full moon in Scorpio” reading.

The full moon in Scorpio is a time for activities to transform one’s self. It is a time to work with the hidden part of you.

The Queen of Swords reversed says that I haven’t been looking at things with unvarnished honesty and justice. That really plays into yesterday’s reading for sure. But now it is coming up in the past, so I’m making progress, yay!

Again with the Six of Cups. This time in the present time, so I need to continue giving out and trusting to the future.

And the Knight of Cups. I’ve never had this card appear before and don’t have much experience with it. We see a relaxed rider and horse moving into the future. The rider carries a cup carefully as if not to spill it. She is very focused on the cup. The horse and rider are about to cross a stream in a bare desert under a hazy blue sky.

It seems to me the rider is almost too focused on the cup, on what she has. She isn’t looking around and seeing that she is moving forward, about to cross a stream, that maybe the weather is going to turn. I feel like, in this reading, it is telling me not to be too focused on one thing, there are a lot of different parts to my world and the spiritual is only part of it.

So, I feel I am on the right track, I just can’t get too focused on one aspect of my self, I need to pay attention to all parts.