General Symbolism

  • The Sun
  • Power
  • Drive
  • Resurrection/rebirth
  • Courage
  • Justice
  • Might
  • Mastery
  • Power
  • Outspoken
  • Dignity

Lioness Specific

  • Protection
  • Nurturing
  • Hunting and Providing
  • Lunar (hunts at night)

References and Quotes

“The lion is a well-known symbol of the solstice of the sun, when the sun it at its highest… It is also a symbol of passionate devouring, the power drive, not only in the narrow sense of the word, but generally the drive to possess.” Marie-Louise von Franz

“When Lion accompanies you in life you will learn much about banishing fear and self-expression. Remain humble with Lion, knowing that demeanor matters. This feline can teach you much about handling your personal power effectively.” What is My Spirit Animal

“In Hinduism, the lion is an avatar (embodiment or personification) of Vishnu.

In Buddhism the Buddha sits upon the lion as a throne of consistency, strength and wisdom.

In alchemy, the symbolic meaning of lions is associated with the highly idealistic and prized attributes of gold.” Catnip Times