After running to the Post Office and bank (first of the month FTW!), I ran into my local shop, Three Sisters Metaphysical Arts for some tumbled labradorite. The raw piece I have is a little fragile for holding as much as I do.

As I was looking at all of the stones, one particular piece caught my eye; tumbled nephrite jade. I’ve never owned nephrite jade, or jade at all, although I love the pale green and white jades in jewelry. This piece is olive green, brown, and gold and my hand immediately reached for it. I put it back, however, as I was looking for labradorite.

Well I got my labradorite and a piece of tumbled hematite, but my mind kept going back to that nephrite jade stone. That particular one. My hand actually tingled! So, of course, I had to get it as well. When a stone talks to you that strongly you don’t have a choice.

Nephrite jade is composes of jade and actinolite. It is fairly hard, but can be scratched (rather than broken). It is helpful in recalling dreams and assists in lucid dreaming. Interesting, since I just bought the book Lucid Dreaming and want to start doing the exercises!

It is a stone of stabilising and protection. It speeds healing and is used as a good-luck talisman in some cultures. In healing it is used with the adrenal glands and also Hearth Chakra.

When I hold my stone I feel the muscles in my neck relax and a sort of feeling of wellness come over me. It seems to counteract my usual free-floating anxiety. It will be interesting to meditate with it.