It is the New Moon or, as I like to call it, the Dark of the Moon. A time for beginnings, for hidden workings, as well as a reflection of the last cycle.

This has been a good week. I worked through my goals, finished a coding project without any anxiety, and sewed up some polo wrap bags and one standing wrap bag to send to a friend to sell. I’ve felt fairly calm and happy.

I also created a personal altar on my desk right where I can see it and interact with it daily. My newest stones, a tiger eye palm stone, two moonstones, three blue tiger eyes, a rhodochrosite, and a labradorite, are being cleansed and charged on a selenite plate. I’m especially eager to get to know the rhodochrosite as I’ve never owned one before.

My local shop put together a smudge bundle for me. I’ve found smudging really changes how I feel about my home. Afterwards it just feels calmer.

I’ve also been taking Soul Drops three times a day. Sol in the morning, Cosmos in the afternoon and Lun at night. I experimented a bit and found that order works best for me. As I’m doing a lot of other self-work, and it has been exactly one week, I’m not sure how much of my mood improvement is due to the drops. I’ll check back in a week and see if the changes continue!

I’m still skeptical about all of this, but the mind is an interesting thing. Whether it is the placebo effect or just an up phase that I’m experiencing, I’ll take it. I’m feeling good and looking forward to the next lunar cycle. My goals are to finish my Tarot course and do a little sewing for my shop each week.