Rhodocrosite is another new stone for me. It is a manganese carbonate which presents in various shades of pink and red. It is usually banded and sometimes grows in stalactites!

This stone is associated with roses, which themselves are a symbol of love. Incas call the stone “Inca Rose” and told the story that they were formed from the blood of their kings and queens (link). Using the rose as a symbol, Rhodocrosite encourages compassion, emotional connection, and openness free of judgements or expectations. It helps us “face painful truths with loving awareness” (ibid).

The Rhodocrosite is associated with the heart chakra, but I seem to experience it my root chakra as well. Some sources encourage using it with the solar plexus chakra to free blockages.

The stone is good for nurturing your inner child, returning the playfulness and creativity that children experience. Crystal Vaults also says that Rhodocrosite:

  • increases telepathy with family members, loves, and animals;
  • represents the Earth element (I definitely feel this)
  • represents The Fool in tarot;