I found EmpathMoonGems on Etsy after doing a random Google Search for Labradorite. Their site says they are based in Doerun, Georgia, USA and offers a good selection of basic stones and crystals as well as jewelry made with crystals. In fact, in writing this article I see they have rough Shungite for only $2 a piece. Hmmm.

I thought the prices were reasonable and the seller did a good job of picking out a nice piece of raw labradorite, seen in the header picture. Not only it is pretty, but it has a really energizing, happy feel to it. I keep it at hand and have been meditating with it.

Fulfillment from EmpathMoonGems was super fast. I ordered on April 15th, it shipped April 16th and arrived on the 20th. It was well-wrapped in bubble wrap as well as a padded envelope.

After I let a review I also received a coupon for 10% off my next order! If you spend over $35 you will receive free shipping within the US. Be sure to check out the home page – I just noticed there is a 10% discount code listed!

Definitely on my list of crystal shops I’ll buy from again!