The King of Swords sits on a solidly grounded throne surrounded by clouds. The King is authority, justice, and most importantly, intellect, critical thinking, and the “facts”. The King cuts through the airiness, the nebulous, to concrete truths.

The center card, The Empress, is all about love, emotions, and feelings. The third card, The High Priestess, is about mysteries, hidden knowledge. The waning crescent moon is prominent on the card and the moon is waning right now. We are moving to the dark of the moon (or the new moon, a time of creativity), magick, passion, and new beginnings (which also means an ending).

Funny enough I pulled these cards after a day of cleaning my office/studio. I made space for a small personal altar on my desk and set out some of my crystals for cleansing. The cards are telling me that I’m on the right track, that I need to continue my studies.

They are also telling me to trust my emotions and let them spill over. The past week has been difficult for me. A sigil I created a month ago is manifesting and I’ve got a bunch of projects coming in and people who want things. This is great because I need the money desperately, but I’m feeling panicked and rushed. The cards are telling me that is OK. Flow with it, enjoy the creativity side of the projects.

On the plus side, only one of the projects has a solid timeline (Tuesday). It is for a new client and he’s very eager to receive it, so once i pass that hurdle things will be better.

I’m also getting the feeling that I should somehow recognize the new moon this week. It falls on Friday, which is perfect because I hope to have at least two of my projects done by then. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet.

What is your week looking like?