I get these three a lot. I’ve also spent a lot of time looking at them, so I find this interesting. My query was a general one. I had a great day yesterday, but today am feeling anxious and out of sorts. Unstable. So my query was “What do I need to know”?

Five of Swords is an interesting card to me. It says that you’ve won the battle, but at what cost? You’re gathering the spoils, but a human connection has been lost.

The Two of Swords comes up very often. The moon is waxing, just a day or so past the dark. That implies new beginnings. The woman is garbed for battle, but her back is to the turbulent sea and she is blindfolded. He legs are crossed towards the past. Here you have someone who could confront the emotional turmoil, and in fact is ready for it, but she is blind to it and is willfully letting the chance for a new start pass her by.

The Six of Cups is one of my favorite cards. Here a woman is giving all she has to a younger person. You could also say she’s handing everything she has into the future. She may be left with empty cups, but they will fill up again.

So, the conclusion is that I have won one battle, but I’ve ignored the deep emotional side of me. I need to take off the blindfold and fight the battle with the emotional currents that are causing me trouble. There’s no need to hold back because if I give all, my cups will continue to be refilled.