OK, what is it about paranormal authors that they don’t have their books run by a competent editor before releasing? I read HORROR in the WOODS:: Unexplained Disappearances & Missing people. Strange & Unexplained Mysteries by Stephen Young in a few hours and it is not only in desperate need of an editor, but also some who can format it for Kindle. The whole thing, save for a couple of paragraphs, is in a funky bold font, which made it difficult to read. However, the writing is what really drags it down.

There is no introduction. You are just suddenly dumped into an abduction story. There are the usual sentence fragments, run-on sentences, etc, but what makes the book nearly unreadable is the assumption that the readers already know about the phenomena which he is talking about.

Montauk Boys, Pizzagate, and other terms are just thrown around without adequate information. We never do learn if the author believes Pizzagate is/was real. Excerpts of reports are just suddenly inserted without adequate information and “chapters” have no internal coherency. There is no interest in setting forth background information or even a central idea either for the book or for chapters.

That said, the content is interesting, consisting though it does of personal stories with only a few references to documentation. The initial abduction case is presented in full, but we never find out how she was returned or escaped. How long was she gone? What did her family think? The result is a book that reads like a late-night college bull session hopped up on White Claw and weed.

However, since many of the books on paranormal events are written in the same vein, it might be best to gauge this against other books in the genre rather than non-fiction in general. As such, it is about a 3/5 for being thought-provoking, but 1/5 for being convincing and 3/5 for the writing.