I am the Hierophant. I control access, the keys lay at my feet. I bless with my right and curse with my left. I am devotion and struggle. My way, my temple, is not pretty. It is rough, but it is only through me that access is gained to the Emperor, Empress, and Magician. The High Priestess is my sister. The Fool must come to me to move on.

I am the Lovers. Water and fire, good and evil, black and white, city and wilderness. I accept the duality of everything and hold it in my heart. I am the Empress and Emperor in one. The High Priestess works through me. The Magician must control me. The Fool cannot move on until she accepts me in herself.

I am the Chariot. I am all about getting things done, movement forward, action, activity, thunder and fury. I attack riddles and puzzles and the unknown. Where the Fool wanders, I am directed and have objectives. The High Priestess informs my actions, the Emperor and Empress provide scope. I am what the Magician sends out, communicated through the Hierophant. I am determination.

I am Strength. I am fury kept in check by heart and soul. I am solid, like a large lion, waiting to be used. I am eternal and cannot be used up. There is always more of me to be accessed. I am the velvet paw, the menace beneath the message. I am confidence and attention.

The Chariot relies on me to keep momentum. The Lovers uses me to see the dichotomies. I sit at the feet of the Emperor and Empress. The Magician, the High Priestess, the Hierophant, the Emperor and Empress all sustain me. Without me the Fool will fail.

I am the Hermit. I retreat into myself to know myself. I shut out outward communication. I remove everything that is not necessary to live. I retreat inward. I am occult, the new moon, the silence in the black night.

Know thyself.

I am the Wheel of Fortune. Everything turns, repeats, moves. Negative is replaced with positive. I turn unceasingly. Nothing is forever. I am Time. I am progression. I am cause and effect.