They call me the Fool. I am heedless, I look neither backwards nor forwards. I don’t plan. I don’t learn. I am in the moment. I have only what I carry with me. My trust is innocent because I remember no bad decisions. I land on my feet, but usually because others watch out for me.

I am a new beginning every second, every moment. Eternal sunshine fills my mind and soul.

They call me the Magician. I access eternal power from all of the elements to bring abundance. I understand experience is infinite and I walk through the garden of life shaping it to my ideals. I am complete in myself.

I am potentialities as well as action. I focus, collect, disburse powers and ideas.

I am the potential within the Fool, the power. I smooth the path. What the Fool experiences, in tangible terms, I manipulate.

I am The High Priestess. I control knowledge, both light and dark, good and bad. I am enlightenment through study, earned intelligence. Like the moon, I conceal and reveal.

I disseminate the Fool’s experiences and inform the Magician’s actions.

I am the Empress. I am animal power and luxury, soft and sharp, I am lush. Sensuality, both physical and emotional, is my provenance. You cannot avoid me, I wrap around you and your path leads always by me.

Where the High Priestess is intellectual, I am Emotional. I provide the spark the Magician uses to create. In the Fool I am unbridled. Passion should not be stopped, only bridled and managed. Turn off the spigot and live loses meaning. The High Priestess is my sister, the Magician is our subordinate.

I am the Emperor. I am city life, ordered, confined. I am analytical power, the power of intellect. I push my way forward and back. I am rules, theses, scientific thought. I am contained.

I am the reverse of the Empress, where she is animal power, I am intellectual power. Where she is soft I am hard. Where she is sharp, I am blunt. My ally is the High Priestess. She gives me the data I need to make decisions. The Magician sees and creates potentialities. I am the action, the Fool is my actor, my protagonist.