So excited about today’s crystal: Amber! I’ve always wanted amber, but never had a chance to get it. This lovely came in a magick of the month box and I’m so drawn to it!

Amber is a strong earth stone. It is grounding and repels negativity. It eliminates fears, balances emotions, relieves headache, and helps with patience and wisdom. Surprise! It is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer “as it sure reflects the energy of the¬†warmest and sunniest¬†month of the year (in the Northern hemisphere, of course!).” (link) Amber is a stone of good luck.

Amber symbolized the Sun, summer, warmth. If the tones are more orange, the stone is associated with Sacral Chakra. If yellower, the Solar Plexus.

Crystal Vaults associated amber with Taurus, April 20 – May 20th, but I prefer Cancer because of the sun/summer aspect of it.

Amber is very light in weight and almost feels like plastic. Think of it as condensed life force, drawing out negativity and replacing it with positive energy. This is an awesome stone to meditate with!