The Page stands in a liminal zone, a boardwalk on the ocean. Three roses decorate one sleeve and she gazes at a fish in her cup, and the fish gazes back at her.

Pages are usually about learning, being a student. Water is the unconscious, psychic abilities, intuition, and emotion. The fish represents transformation, intuition, knowledge, and imagination. Think of the legends of the talking fish that provide unknown knowledge to the person who catches them. Roses, of course, represent passion.

This is a card all about being a student, playfulness, curiosity, learning in the context of unconscious or psychic abilities and emotions. The liminal location also feels like being on the threshold of new experiences or power. There is a youthful joyousness to this card that I like.

Reversed I feel that this is telling me that I’m receiving new knowledge, but I may be blocked both intellectually and emotionally. It could also mean secrecy. Instead of opening up about new abilities or knowledge, I’m keeping them secret, maybe even from myself. Doubt, creative blockage. Boy, I’m really seeing this hit home here!

There is also a feeling of emotional immaturity, almost a petulance. A refusal to be grounded in reality or Peter Pan Syndrome.

Since the beginning of the lockdown in early March I’ve definitely regressed, been blocked, and been feeling sorry for myself. My day dreaming has taken over my life. This card is pointing this out.

The New Moon was just two nights ago and I’m trying to put daily practice into effect. I’ll be working on myself, especially doing shadow work, but also continuing my Tarot studies. I have some books I haven’t even cracked yet and two new tarot decks that I haven’t looked at.

So, action plan: Spend at least an hour a day working my emotional, creative, and psy development. I’d like to do more, but little steps!