This stone is really amazing. It is a balancing stone that encourages you to seek resolutions rather than focus on problems or barriers. It reminds you to realize that you are strong and will emerge from your current situation even stronger!

Crystal Vaults says that Botswana Agate is a gentle stone with lower intensity (like all Agates) which makes it perfect for balancing “emotional, physical, and intellectual energy”. If you can find one with an “eye” it is considered a lucky stone.

Sensitive people will do well with Botswana Agate.

“Botswana Agate is excellent for those serious about giving up smoking. To increase success drink an elixir first thing each morning, made by soaking the crystal in water for a few hours. Botswana Agate is also a stone of protection for all who work with fire, and protects the home from fires.” Crystal Vaults

It helps balance the Root Chakra. In this particular stone, the silver and grey embodies the feminine, moon, inner consciousness and helps you find patterns and inner meanings.

Interesting because I’ve just decided to start doing shadow work and this is the perfect stone for that!