Doing a three-card spread today, but instead of past-present-future or cause-effect-solution I am reading is a story.

I love the three of Pentacles! This is a card of teaching, learning, collaboration, implementation, and self-expression. It is a card of movement. The threes in Tarot generally means the beginning stages of implementing the idea that surfaces in the Ace and the plan from Two. It also points out that you aren’t alone, you rely on others to reach your goals. BTW, I love how proud the model is!

Page of Cups is back! This time upright. As I said in my last post, this card represents a student, someone who is learning but there is a playful element to it. The focus of the learning is the unconscious, psychic abilities, and emotions. I think the upright pose of this reflects that I’m getting my emotions in check, which is true. I’m finally feeling some energy and passion (see the roses) again in my life.

As I said above, twos generally refer to the planning phase. Swords, of course, are air and knowledge. Notice the water in the background? And the rocky islets? Water is emotions, unconscious, etc. The rocky inlets are earth, grounding, and material. This is a card about challenging decisions. I have choices but am unsure (or blind) to which choice to take. It is telling me to combine both my intellect (swords) and emotions or intuition (water) to make my decision.

I’m being told that I’m on the right path, but I need to acknowledge (or seek) my helpers or coworkers. The path is one of developing intuition and emotional stability, but I have multiple paths I can follow and I need to choose one and stick to it.

I chose two more cards to help describe my path. The first, the three of wands is about progress. The second, four of cups reversed is about retreat and withdrawal. Wow! That is pretty clear, isn’t it? Do I continue moving forward? Or do I retreat into myself again? I have opportunities right now, but should I follow them?

I think the answer is a pretty clear yes. I’ve made some major changes in my life recently. I started a strict Keto diet with intermittent fasting to get my blood sugars under control. As a result I’m feeling much more energetic. For both my health and emotional good I need to keep to this path.

Since I have more energy, more passion, I’m doing more studying into Tarot, crystals, and paranormal. This is something I want and should continue. I’m happier than I’ve been since the beginning of the pandemic and feel more in control. I choose to continue!