OK, I meant to just pull one card, but two popped out. My query was about my health. I’m on a new medication and having low blood pressure issues. I feel weak and queasy most of the time and have no energy. Yes, I have a call into the doctor.

So, 10 of Wands has a woman burdened with 10 wands. She is walking toward a small town. I feel she is tired, burned out, exhausted, but she only has a little ways to go before she can put down her burden.

I’m having trouble focusing right now, but 7 of Pentacles upright means to me fruitfulness, satisfaction in growth, The person has done all of the work and can now enjoy the fruits of that labor. Reversed, hmm. It could mean putting effort into something that is not going to result in anything. It suggests I stop plodding forward and reassess my objectives.

So, I’m feeling like I am on the wrong meds, or need to drop one of them. I just need to hang on, talk to the doctor and things will get fixed.