My query was about my emotional state, which I feel has been getting better. There was a little bit of context about how it relates to my new career as a tarot reader.

Well, did I get an answer!

In the past I bound and blinded myself to the possibilities, choosing to stand in a pool of emotions instead of freeing myself, turning around and seeing the solutions in the distance. There is a lot of self-pity in the Eight of Swords and notice how her bonds are not very tight at all? Plus her feet aren’t bound, she could move to dry land, but she chooses not to.

Now I’ve released myself and am balancing my emotions. I’m more grounded and I can clearly see a path through the difficulties of the mountains. There is a reminder that humans are bound natural laws and we should just flow with those laws instead of fight against them.

Follow that path and I will enjoy the fruits of the work that I put in. I can sit back (for a bit!) and enjoy the results both emotionally and financially.

There is such progression and encouragement from the readings I’m doing for myself. I’m feeling more positive, getting things done, and learning lots!